Dr Maggie Mojapelo recieves a Health Excellence Honorarium Award

Dr. Maggie Mojapelo, founder of the HcHeroes Memorial, received a Health Excellence Honorarium Award for pioneering a Digital HcHeroes Memorial with a Digital Roll of Honour this past weekend in Mpumalanga.



The award was to recognise her work to honour the healthcare professionals,  health workers, professors and other frontline workers who lost their lives since COVID-19 started.

“These awards are meant to celebrate and honour [the] brave men and women who went the extra mile just to save the lives of others,” said the awards spokesperson and director, Sylvia Maseko.

Dr Maggie said she dedicates the award to the families of all HcHeroes who passed on then, all HcHeroes Memorial Ambassadors nationwide who made Memorialization of our colleagues possible, the families for their unwavering support then and now and to all health fraternity, colleagues, medical schools unions, Provincial Health Departments who showed up to bestow a befitting send-off for all our HcHeroes

NShe says the next phase will be the physical HcHeroes Memorials in all Provinces, and that expression of interest from sponsors can be made through WhatsApp on 0829016112.

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