Dr C Scrutton testimonial

I’d like to thank my Mediwell family for all the support and growth over the last 4 years.

I started as a terrified young lady, with low professional self-confidence and so much self doubt. Through the support and experiences I recieved at Mediwell, I feel that I leave a more self assured doctor and woman.

Thank you Dr Maggz  for teaching me to stand up to patients when they try to bully us, and for sharing the many lessons you have learned through your years of experience.

I am so grateful for my colleagues who have become my life long friends!

Good luck with the ever-growing Mediwell practice!

Much love, Chantelle

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1 year ago

Fare Thee Well MyDrChanti Scrutton. Mediwell pride itself to have passed the baton exceptionally well. You will forever be part of this dynamic Mediwell family. All the best with your studies & your future endeavors.

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